Posh Petal Beauty

Hair Services

Haircuts & Styling

From trendy cuts to classic styles, our expert stylists bring creativity and precision to every haircut, ensuring you leave with a look that suits your personality.

Colouring & Highlights

Transform your look with our professional hair colouring services. Whether you’re seeking subtle highlights or a bold new hue, our skilled colourists will exceed your expectations.


Achieve the hair you’ve always dreamed of with our high-quality hair extension services, adding length and volume for a glamorous transformation.

Hair Treatments

Revitalise your locks with our specialised treatments, from deep conditioning to keratin smoothing, tailored to nourish and enhance your hair’s natural beauty.

Aromatherapy Scalp Massage

Immerse yourself in relaxation with calming aromas and a luxurious scalp massage, promoting overall well-being and hair health.

Hot Oil Treatments

Experience the nourishing benefits of hot oil treatments, deeply penetrating your hair shafts to improve elasticity and shine.

Hair Detox and Purification

Detoxify your hair and scalp from impurities with our specialised treatments, leaving your hair feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Hair Curls

Embrace and enhance your natural curls with our specialised treatments, focusing on moisture retention and definition for beautifully bouncy curls.

Hair Straightening

Achieve sleek, straight hair with our professional straightening treatments, tailored to your hair type and desired level of smoothness.

Volume Boosting

Elevate your hair to new heights with volume-boosting treatments, adding fullness and body for a dynamic, voluminous look.

Colour-Friendly Treatments

Extend the vibrancy of your colour with treatments specifically designed to protect and nourish coloured hair, ensuring longevity and shine.

Damaged Hair Repair

Revive and repair damaged hair with targeted treatments, addressing issues such as breakage, split ends, and overall hair health restoration.

Dandruff and Scalp Sensitivity

Alleviate scalp concerns with treatments focused on dandruff control and sensitivity relief, promoting a healthy, balanced scalp.